Review Policy

Welcome to the QueendSheena Blog. Please read on to find out how you might request a review.


1. I only look over requests for book reviews on Monday, Friday, and Sunday via the email posted above. Any requests sent outside these days will be ignored.

2. Sending a request doesn't guarantee a review. I only accept books according to the genre, my free time or interest in the blurb or cover.

3. I only accept YA and children book review requests. NA is not a genre I review often and mostly through books I've bought or authors who I have come to know online or enjoy their work.

4. The majority of my reviews are either through NetGalley e-copies or books I've bought. So when I pick a book to review outside that it's at my discretion. I rarely read library books anymore.

5. Do not remind me about a book review unless we have a previous relationship online. Even then, do not fill my inbox with daily requests. That's disrespectful and will affect future requests.

Books I will Not Accept Requests For

A) Books exceeding 1,000 pages.

B) Any book with an idea or plot that I find troubling.

C) Erotica.

D) Science Fiction outside YA. Those I'd rather read on my own.

6. I review with a 5-star system or a final verdict decision. The latter are for books I feel need more explanation than a review and rating can give. Or just doesn't fall into an easy classification.

7. I don't guarantee 5 star or high recommendations with my reviews. My final word is an honest thought about what I've read.

Thanks for reading and feel free to stop by my blog anytime.

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